Frequntly Asked Questions

Why dispute the negative items more than once?

Over the years we have found that the repetition is very critical to the success of the program. It’s that old proven concept of “Persistence wears out resistance”! With our process we typically see substantial improvement in the first 45-60 days, so patience is a must. And very importantly is to follow the steps as described in this package.

What are my responsibilities as a consumer in this process?

Credit reports will arrive first at your home and then you will forward them to us. So, when we accomplish deletions and improvements, you will be the first one to see these changes on your credit report. Each time a disputation is submitted to the credit bureaus, your only responsibility is to make sure that whatever correspondence you receive in the mail, is forwarded on to us immediately.

How do I know your service is working?

This is one of the most common questions we receive. You know because each and every time we contact the credit bureaus on your behalf we will notify you immediately that we have done so. This will “trigger” the investigation that requires all 3 credit bureaus to begin conducting an audit and verification process of the negative items in question. Sometimes through out this 30-40 day investigative period the Credit Bureaus will send you letters either asking for something or just letting you know the process has been initiated. When the investigation has been concluded the Credit Bureaus will send to you, by mail, results of the investigation with updated credit reports. This is the information that lets you know what was removed from your credit reports. This, of course, is also the same information we need to continue our work for you if there are any negative items still remaining on your credit reports. So please get this to us immediately.

Is it possible to learn the status of my case during the investigation?

Absolutely. With our very user-friendly tracking system, CRT Gateway™, you can check your status day or night. This system will allow you to learn when to expect to receive your correspondence from the Credit Bureaus, what information is outstanding to us, and much, much more. Your log-in information will never change so you can always access your account.

How do I know what my score is?

It is very simple and fast to learn what your score is at any time you choose. Just go to:, and follow the instructions. From there, you can choose which credit scores you wish to access. This service is available to you 24/7.

What is the best way to send you information I receive from the Credit Bureaus?

The best way is to mail this information to us to the address on the introduction page in this package. We do, however, accept faxes but most of the time they are either unclear or there are some pages missing. If this occurs we will notify you by documenting this on your account that is accessible through CRT Gateway™. When you mail this information to us it is a good idea to wait about 10 days and then check your account online just to insure that we have received your mail and the necessary steps are being taken to continue the work on your file that we promised.

If you have other questions that were not answered in this introduction package then please feel free to e-mail us at :